TWF Europe

The Wood Factory believes in the use of durable design to produce stylish furniture, find clever solutions and innovate on a base of experience. This enables us to produce efficiently and helps us realize our attractive prices.


The Wood Factory’s furniture is produced in factories that belong to the best in their field. The newest machines, combined with real craftmanship and a passion for the products they make. This is what in our opinion gives The Wood Factory’s furniture its attractive design and competitive prices.


In our furniture we make use of different wood decors and finishing techniques. All of our production methods and materials are environmentally friendly and energy saving. Examples of this are that our furniture is delivered unmounted in packages that take up the least space possible. This combined with fact that we often ship directly from factory to retail reduces our environmental footprint created by transport.


The Wood Factory provides its customers with furniture that is simple to assemble with clear instructions. We provide our customers with furniture that complies with the latest and highest quality standards to ensure the safety of your child. In addition we incorporate many exciting new technical features such as Soft Close and our Grow Up system.


In the end it is all about us helping you create the nursery room for your baby that you can enjoy for a long time, that you are proud of and shape an environment in which your baby feels happy and safe.